Thursday, December 22, 2011

jody + david

at the bride's family home in Oakland Michigan

robot cuff links!

many emotions present in this one expression

second shooter Kali caught a grandfather nose grab with the Hasselblad... which was cute, but I like this image just before said event even more. And yes Michiganders, that's Faygo he's holding.

Kali again, with her unusual way of seeing

jody amazingly sewed not only these happy little flowers onto her own dress, she also made all of the pretty outfits for her neices!

a small look into photo editing for the curious... I was torn between these two photographs to represent this part of the day. The image below wins for its clean sense of composition, but the image above is ultimately stronger for its content and meaning. I love that you can see tender windows into three separate family relationships all in one frame.

with planning by Megan Vanover

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