Sunday, April 10, 2011

the new kid

I returned from Italy with a desire for an artisan album offering.
Soft Italian leather with thick paper pages - 1 or 2 prints per page, hand mounted with a layer of tissue between each page.

the white album

my dear couples, I know how helpful it can be to have visuals as we design your albums - here is a look inside some recent books...

a square matted album with some flush pages mixed into the layout


Slipcases may be purchased with flushmount Leather Craftsmen albums. These are made from the same material as your book, allowing it to stand freely but still protected on a shelf amidst your favorite books.


a simple matted book bound in Platinum Japanese bookcloth

silver page gilding and imprinting

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Assisi, Italy

a shining city on a hill, we may as well have been in the clouds.

Regarding these pastries... I wish that superlatives were not so commonly overly used, so that I could accurately convey this kind of perfection. I started buckling in the knees and holding onto John for support while eating them.

What could possibly be inside such a beautiful structure?
Oh, just these... frescoes by Giotto