Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ali + Bart

a fabulously colorful wedding at the Branford House in Groton, CT

at the beautiful Branford House mansion
planning by Ali and by Erica Kates of Ambiance {Chic}
cake by by Coastal Gourmet

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tracey & paul

engagement pictures in Bloomington

Paul works for Oliver Winery, and he was our guide through the many-varied rows of grapes.

These two are so beautiful and effortlessly cool;
I can't wait to shoot this wedding in October!

It's hard to say who is winning this race, except that I'm pretty sure Tracey has mad skills so my money is on her.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

kirby + dave

at the Helen Hills Chapel, Smith Botantical Gardens, and the Hotel Northampton

Kirby's florist surprised her with off-season peonies she had been tending in her fridge for months!

I am in love with this moment

Kirby's mother raised these berries, harvested them, crafted them into lovely, delicious jams, and then gave them away at the wedding. I found this strikingly similar to raising and giving away ones child in marriage, and a meaningful gesture for every lucky recipient.

Fraylie made this image of Dave & Kirby with the Hasselblad, and it gives me chills it's so beautiful.

at the Helen Hills Chapel, and the Smith Botanical Gardens
Reception at the Hotel Northampton
Cake by the beloved Atkins Farm in Amherst
Flowers by VJS Designs
Dress by Carmela Sutera, hairpiece by L'elite Boston
Bridesmaids earrings by Kate Spade
Jam and table stitchings by Kirby's mother, Janice