Sunday, August 21, 2011

vivian + oliver

married at the Chanler at Cliff Walk in Newport, RI

second shooter Fraylie made this image with the Hasselblad

During Chinese games before the ceremony, the men had to perform, well... whatever was asked of them by the bridesmaids, including dancing like Beyonce, passing oranges without hands, a human pyramid, and a blindfolded test of recognition. I won't embarrass these respectable men online, but I can give you a hint at how much fun this was.

viv + oliver made these perfect little boats

this is what a wolf howl looks like

Vivian is a dream to photograph.

Another beauty by second shooter Fraylie...

Ceremony and Reception at the Chanler


heidi {white loft studio} said...

so so pretty - and Frayie definitely rocks the Hasseblad!

Rebecca Sheeler said...

These are absolutely inspiring!