Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nicci + Will

at Will's parents' home in Madison Indiana. They neglected to tell me that they were getting married in HEAVEN. The place was unreal it was so pretty, and so much joy on these faces. We shot endless rolls of film...

nicci made these wraps for all her girls.

beautiful hasselblad photo by my second shooter. good work Hallie!

will built this altar of stones for their marriage

fuzziest family member

delightfully hoosier

click below to see stars from October...



David Charlwood said...

Lovely shots!

I hunted you down online after finding some comments on your use of film for wedding photography.

I'm a digital weddings shooter, but still appreciate film - I love the visible care each of your shots displays :)

Mariea Rummel Photography said...


Love your depth of field and angles. You keep rockin that film! Amazing job.