Thursday, June 12, 2008

jenny+matt - providence

I'm still waiting on my special black + white film to come back from the lab, but I just couldn't control the urge to post images from this gorgeousfest wedding. who knew the risd library would be so perfect for a ceremony.

RISD wedding photographer

RISD library wedding

Providence wedding photography

RISD wedding

wedding at RISD

risd bride

risd couple

RISD wedding photographer

married at risd

providence federal reserve wedding

downtown providence wedding

providence wedding party

providence wedding photography

RISD wedding photographer


Cathy and David Photography said...

Those sideburns are fantastic! :-D It looks like this wedding was a ton of fun and you've got some awesome photos too out of it!! I LOVE the one wiht the mustang behind them!! said...

Truly a gorgeous fest...and a great time!

Exquisite. Wishing you a lifetime of JOY~

Tim Co. said...

gorgeous as per usual lisa! absolutely gorgeous.

Sarah Parent said...

These images are amazingly beautiful! What a great couple, too- Nice work!